In Milan, the capital of Italian fashion Erika Regondi develops a new sophisticated style either in lines and materials, nevertheless the simplicity of the design makes the accessories suitable in every occasion.
Each model is born from the creativity of the designer Erika Regondi in true made in Italy style.
"The passion for design and fashion led me to develop a dream to create my own line of handbags. Experiences I had in the fashion industry at companies, backstage at fashion shows and collaborating with makeup artists of relief that led me to development of my personal line. "
Handmade bags manufactured by the finest tradition of Italian leather craftsmanship, ensure the quality of Made in Italy, both for labor, choice of materials, refined design and attention to details.
It is handmade product, and with it is possible to make bags even more unique and personalized by choosing your preferred materials and colors or by embroidering your own initials of name.

You can choose between different models and require your own unique character or make a drawing or an exclusive embroidery. For info:
More of the models have the characteristic and the possibility of interchangeability or customization of the handle, i.e. the bag comes with a handle base of silk satin, or it can be made of the same material chosen for the construction of the bag and can be replaced with a handle jewel.
The handle jewelry is made of precious crystals, it is designed and built with the idea of being able to make the bag adaptable to different daily occasions and with just one gesture it is possible to make your bag look different with a touch of light and elegance.
Interchangeability and customization are the main characteristic of the jewel handles prefiguring different meanings:
It is used not only to adorn the bag characterizing its look but it can also be used depending on your imagination and performance: as necklace, charms, or touch of light on your clothing.

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